New EMDR Therapy Consultation Group

Beginning in May, 2023

For EMDR Therapists working toward
EMDRIA Certification

Upcoming EMDR therapist professional consultation group!

five two-hour groups
or 10 EMDRIA certification hours.

This monthly group meets virtually and begins May, 2023.
Registration is open now. 

Sharon Skelton Mid-town Sacramento Therapist EMDR

Sharon Skelton, LMFT
is a Certified EMDR Therapist and approved by the EMDR International Association to provide EMDR consultation to EMDR Therapists as well as  EMDR Therapists in training.

Sharon Skelton, LMFT

(916) 719-3218

Online EMDR Therapy Training & Consulting

Over the course of my career as a therapist, clinical supervisor and consultant, I have found great personal and professional satisfaction in supporting new and experienced clinicians develop their skills. I look forward to supporting you, too.

I offer supervision for pre-licensed therapists, individual case consultation to therapists treating trauma, and group consultation for EMDR therapists.

Grow as an EMDR Therapist

I offer professional consultation for EMDR therapists who are on the road to EMDRIA certification. An EMDRIA-certified EMDR therapist is part of an international community of  trauma-informed therapists on the cutting edge of brain-body healing. The EMDR International Association trains and certifies clinicians in EMDR Therapy all over the world. Part of their rigorous qualifications for becoming a Certified EMDR therapist is 20 hours of consultation by an experienced and qualified EMDR therapist.

Join our EMDR Therapist Consultation Group
 on the first Fridays of the month
from 12:00-2:00

EMDR Certified Therapist Trainer

Case by Case Consulting

I also offer individual case consultation, especially for help providing EMDR Therapy with your clients who have had traumatic losses. Post traumatic stress can interfere with the natural grieving process, and this is when EMDR Therapy can help.

Sharon Skleton, LMFT  is part of the EMDRIA Consultant in Training program in
consultation with Dr, DaLene Forester, PhD, LMFT, LPCC and former President of EMDRIA

Face-to-Face or Virtual

Supervision Makes a World of Difference
Sharon Skelton Mid-town Sacramento Therapist EMDR

My supervisees may meet with me via face-to-face or using the HIPAA compliant platform,
(Right now all meetings are held virtually)

For more information about me and my credentials. click here.

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