For Mothers

I offer individual therapy for moms. In addition, If you are a new mom, getting to know a new infant, it may be possible for us to include your baby in your individual sessions.

Taking care of yourself  IS  taking care of your children.

The world of mothering can be full of love, joy, and connection. It can also be filled with comparison, unrealistic expectations, and doubt. Am I a good enough mom? I  support moms as they show up, be seen, and live bravely in the world of parenting. Therapy provides the time and space to dig deeply into whatever gets in the way of making the authentic connections we truly desire.

Every healthy thing you do for you benefits your children.

For all its joys, having young children can be overwhelming at times, especially when your own mother is physically or emotionally absent. With so much attention on the little things, new, and even seasoned moms, can find themselves isolated from others, second guessing their instincts.

Therapy offers a place for supportive straight talk about the following issues:

Mothering from Scratch?

Now that you have your own children, you may begin to see the care you were missing as a child. If you wonder whether you’ve received the skills you need to be a loving mother, worry that you have inherited your parents’ faults, or if your children sometimes awaken the complicated feelings of grief, individual counseling may help you to feel more supported and confident.

Do you feel unmothered?

Maybe illness or geography keeps your mom away and you feel unsupported. Maybe your mother died when you were young, or your mother was absent emotionally. Individual therapy is designed to develop care and compassion for you!

A Quiet Place

Therapy sometimes includes quiet art and guided meditation. None of these require any skill. The healing aspect is entirely in the process, and the product created is just a gift at the end.

When taking care of children reminds you of the mother you used to have, or the mother you never had, individual counseling can empower the mom you are!

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Why I Love What I Do

Therapy Makes A Big Difference
Sharon Skelton Mid-town Sacramento Therapist EMDR

It is a privilege to help people who are striving for a more joyful life. Watching the pieces fall into place for lasting happiness makes me love what I do.

Sharon Skelton, LMFT – Midtown Sacramento Counselor

Your strength is in how calmly, quietly and peacefully you face life.

— Yogi Bhajan