Individual Therapy

Sacramento Individual Therapist

What are your gifts?

What are your strengths?

It is my belief that everyone has unique strong points and we have an inner drive toward using them. We want to be appreciated for exactly who we are, without hiding or pretending. We want to relax into our own shoes, put down the weight of others’ expectations, and drop the limiting beliefs we have adopted.

When we can do that, that’s when we begin to pick up our real work in the world and feel truly joyous, because we are living authentically and we know our life matters. That’s when our relationships become marked by real emotional connection, comfort, and fun!

Even if it’s hard to hear that true voice, if you’ve gotten into a habit of letting others dictate your choices, if your confidence has been lost under the weight of life’s pressures and busyness, I still believe you have real power that is unique to you, and I would like to help you find it.

Using traditional talk therapy, mindfulness and behavior techniques, and EMDR, I have worked with people who suffer from anxiety, depression, childhood abuse, losses, sexual trauma, some eating disorders, addictions, and unstable relationships.

Have you been defining yourself by your weaknesses?

I would like to help you turn that around.