Fees and Office Policies

Psychotherapy Fees and Office Policies

Frequency of sessions

Typically, psychotherapy involves weekly, 50-minute sessions. After the first month or so, therapeutic reasons may dictate more frequent or less frequent appointments. But, initially, and for the most part, I see people in 50 minute sessions on a weekly basis.


My fee for a 50-minute session is $150.

EMDR is often done in 80-minute sessions. The fee for a 80-minute EMDR session is $225.

It is possible to do EMDR in 50-minute sessions, and the fee for those is $150.

My fee for group therapy is $50 per session.

Forms of Payment

Payments may be made with cash, check, Mastercard, Visa, or with prior agreement, PayPal. Payment is due at the beginning of each session.


I am “Out-of-Network” with some insurance providers. To use this funding, you would pay my fee at the time of service, and then apply for a partial reimbursement from this agency, which will be paid directly to you. Please call your insurance provider for more information about coverage for my services. My license number is MFC#46398. I am happy to help you complete this paperwork each month.

There are reasons why I do not take other third-party payments and I am happy to discuss them upon request.


I welcome any questions you have about my other office policies by telephone.