• Fifty Ways to Treat Yourself Kindly


    Take 3 to 5 daily to promote good feelings.

    Everyone is trying to accomplish something big,
    not realizing that life is made up of little things.
    Frank A. Clark









    1. Listen to music 26. Stretch
    2. Take your vitamins 27. Shop for greeting cards
    3. Play with your pet 28.  Have some tea
    4. Buy a silly magazine 29. Get out of town!
    5. Get a massage 30. Read the funnies
    6. Run through the streets 31. Text your nieces, nephews, cousins
    7. Take a yoga class 32. Take a nap
    8. Garden 33. Meditate, Pray
    9. Change your sheets 34. Call an old friend
    10. Take a tub 35. Drink water
    11. Take a walk 36. Paint your toes
    12. Get a simple manicure 37. Take up an instrument
    13. Listen to guided imagery 38. Sit on the porch
    14. Play with a child 39. Light the candles
    15. Read for fun 40. Bring coffee to a friend
    16. Take ten full breaths 41. Whistle
    17. Cook something healthy 42. Blow bubbles
    18. Wander over to a neighbors’ 43. Shop the thrift stores
    19. See a good movie 44. Build something
    20. Eat something fun, like Jello 45. Look through the scrap books
    21. Sing 46. Take pictures
    22. Clean out a drawer 47. Climb a tree
    23. Bake a pie 48. Run through the sprinklers
    24. Write a thank you letter 49. Have a backyard picnic
    25. Make blanket tents 50. Drink warm coco

    In this moment now, extend kindness toward yourself.

    Sharon Skelton, MFT www.midtown-counselor.com

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